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Organic The Hermitage's Flowers French Macaron Assortment of 6


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Let's walk in the peaceful garden at the Hermitage. Our Nuns skillfully and delicately create for you these genuine French Organic Macarons from the best organic ingredients. The Parisian-style macaron is a sweet meringue-based confection, a sandwich cookie filled with various different flavors of ganaches. They are entirely made by hand by the Nuns, which makes each macaron unique in its crown’s finest details. Their assorted colors will give a cheerful touch to your table for any special occasions. Flavors in this box: Lavender, chocolate , vanilla,  chocolate-lemon,  strawberry, blueberry

Why Organic?


Ingredients Present in All 6 Macarons: Organic egg white, organic almond meal, organic evaporated cane juice, organic powdered evaporated cane juice, water. Ingredients Specific to a Particular Macaron: Organic French Lavender Macaron: organic white chocolate, organic heavy whipping cream, organic peach, blue shade vegetable color powder, organic beet juice powder, organic lavender oil. Organic French chocolate macaron: organic semi-sweet chocolate, organic butter, organic cocoa, organic heavy whipping cream, organic beet juice powder. Organic French vanilla macaron: organic heavy whipping cream, organic white chocolate, organic vanilla extract. Organic French chocolate-lemon macaron: organic heavy whipping cream, organic butter, organic cocoa powder, organic semisweet chocolate , organic fresh lemon peel, organic beet juice powder, curcumin powder. Organic French strawberry macaron: organic white chocolate, organic strawberry, organic cocoa, organic beet juice powder. Organic French Blueberry Macaron Ingredients: organic blueberry, organic white chocolate, blue shade vegetable color.

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