Welcome to St Roger Abbey Organic French Gourmet Patisserie!

The Nuns of St Roger Abbey make their pastries with premium carefully chosen organic ingredients and if some are not available organic, then, we choose them non-GMO.

Faithful to Monastic Tradition, the Nuns of Fraternite Notre Dame make everything by hand to preserve the taste and distinctive flavor of pastries from the past but also the delicacy of their pastries’ textures, the unique, delicate decoration, as a symbol of genuine French Cuisine and ancient tradition in Monasteries and Abbeys.

At St Roger Abbey, we only use true basic ingredients: good organic flour, organic butter, good organic eggs with their golden yolk, aluminum free baking powder…

Ever since our childhood in France, we have known the traditions of French Patisserie and Boulangerie and this allowed our Nuns to always preserve the same taste and the same culinary Savoir-faire (know-how), that can be found both in humble bakeries and in the finest bakery in the heart of Paris.

In silence and prayer and with love, our Nuns make these fresh pastries which you can enjoy the same day at St Roger Abbey or at home when you receive your order.

Early in the morning, when our Nuns are busy cooking, they think of you who will later enjoy these unique products which do not exactly resemble one another, because everything was made by hand.

Here is what Gourmets will enjoy: eating a product that does not result from an automated production line system, or from ready-to-mix powder pouches.

Every single one of the Nuns’ pastries is a work of art because it is made by hand using traditional work methods. This is the real meaning of the word “handmade”.

Our Religious life consecrated to God inspires us at all times to seek perfection, including the most perfect in quality, purity of products, the most organic possible and the most wholesome for health.

We make all our doughs, our icings, our sauces, our ready-cooked meals, our creams, our chocolates, the final shape of each product, from start to finish and this for every single one of our products. From the Monastery to your table!

We mix our flour and eggs, we peel our vegetables and carefully watch our excellent meals simmer in our cooking pots, whose ingredients come, for the most part, directly from our farms and gardens. Onions, garlic, every kind of vegetable pass through the hands of the Nuns…

St Roger Abbey is somewhat similar to a beehive, where our Nuns, like little bees, bustle about courageously, in the kitchen, making their organic pastries and cookies, their viennoiseries: butter croissants and chocolate croissant that smell so good!

The task is burdensome and tiring but the joy of serving God and serving you the best products is a reward for their efforts.

Learn about the beautiful cause that gives wings to these Angels, the Baking Nuns, the Baking Chefs of St Roger Abbey.

Thank you for purchasing our products at St Roger Abbey.

When you buy from St Roger Abbey, you help us help others!

May God bless you!