What does “monastic organic bakery” means?

It’s a bakery inside a monastery of Religious Friars or Nuns who make their products themselves in the traditional way. This has been happening for hundreds of years as this is the means of support for so many Religious Orders.

Why did you choose to make most of your gourmet products with an organic certification?

We believe that St Roger Abbey, being a gourmet Patisserie run by religious Nuns, ought to offer the best products and for this, they can only be organic. St Roger Abbey wants its products to be good for the health of our customers (see link: Why Organic?) and with outstanding flavors!

Why do the Nuns of StRoger Abbey not purchase prefabricated, ready-to-use pastries or cookies from wholesalers? This would give the Nuns much less work to do.

Here is the Golden Rule at St Roger Abbey:

  • The Nuns make everything by hand from A to Z.
  • The Nuns work unceasingly to use a maximum of certified organic ingredients.
  • The Nuns do not want and cannot allow any products prefabricated by others outside of the Order of St Roger Abbey.
  • It doesn’t matter if it gives them more work to do.
Can I include a gift note/message with my online order?

Yes! Any unique gift note or message can be applied to your order in the order special instruction box in the cart, before checkout online.

Why do the pastries and cookies at St Roger Abbey not have identical shapes as is the case in other bakeries where the products are flawless and are completely identical?

At St Roger Abbey, the Nuns make everything individually from A to Z, and their pastries can be slightly different in appearance. That’s proof of quality and authenticity of which we are proud and it proves that it’s handmade.

Why are handmade pastries, just like our grandmothers used to make, much better tasting than those made on production lines?

Your memory serves you well! As our grandmothers did, we work on our products by hand because we are concerned about our customers to whom we want to offer the best of the Great French Patisserie in the tradition of the true chefs, the great chefs and of Monastic cuisine.

Why can’t the products of St Roger Abbey be stored for several months or several weeks as others pastries can?

The pastries from St Roger Abbey are made fresh every day and the Nuns do not use any preservatives or taste protectors that can harm our health. Our ingredients are genuine and organic.

I’m allergic to gluten, is St Roger Abbey a certified gluten-free bakery?

No, not at all.

Do you use nuts?

Yes, and all our products have been made in a facility that uses soy, dairy, wheat, tree nuts, fish, peanuts and eggs; and may contain traces of all of the above. People with allergies to any of these products cannot eat the products from St Roger Abbey.

I have a food allergy; can I still eat St Roger Abbey?

We do not bake in an allergen-free environment. While we do have select products that do not contain wheat or nuts, all of our products are baked in an environment where wheat, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, eggs and soy may be present. Due to the presence of these allergens and more at all of our baking facilities, we do not recommend consuming any of our products if you are allergic to common allergens such as wheat, nuts, dairy or eggs or any other allergens that may not be listed above.

In the products of St Roger Abbey, is the coloring used organic or is it chemical coloring?

At St Roger Abbey, all the coloring is organic or approved by the Organic certification program.

Do you use products that contain antibiotics, pesticides or herbicides?

All of our products are either certified organic or in the process of being certified organic. All our products are meticulously checked by our Organic certifier.

In your products, I often read “baking powder (aluminum free)” in the ingredients, what do you mean by that?

Traces of aluminum are often found in regular baking powder. Knowing this, concerned about our customers' health, we only use aluminum free baking powder in accordance with the requirements of the Organic Certification. We purchase ingredients that are more expensive but we have the best quality!

Your pastries at St Roger Abbey are excellent and their texture is incredible! Is this due to their ingredients, such as organic eggs, organic butter?

Certainly! Our premium ingredients are organic and are issued from farming as in former times, with respect for nature and animals. Nothing is prefabricated, no mix with fake tastes. Only good organic flour, good organic eggs from our hens, good organic butter and much more!

Do you think that this tradition of French Patisserie should be handed down to children?

This is an excellent experience. This is an occasion to get together as a family and strengthen ties around a nice table with good French products, heirs to the great cuisine.

When I buy from St Roger Abbey, can I consider that I’m contributing to helping the poor and families in distress?

Indeed, St Roger Abbey, through its Religious Friars and Nuns, serve the poorest of the poor through their Soup Kitchens, food pantries, and its charitable programs in the United States and throughout the world. The Religious Friars and Nuns of St Roger Abbey do not receive any salary. With its sales, it can contribute to helping the poor through this beautiful cause. May God bless you!