St Roger Abbey and Monastic Art

Religious people have always worshiped God through Art in stained glass windows and painting.
Our Religious Friars and Nuns of Fraternite Notre Dame have also received this heritage. They put their talents at the service of the Divine Majesty.
We have 2 Master Glassmakers, Mother Marie Faustine and Sister Marie Fabienne, who use techniques in the Art of Stained Glass windows dating from the 12th century.
The monks passed these well-kept secrets to each other so that they would always serve the glory of God.
Bishop Jean Marie, our Founder, builds and renovates churches and therefore solicits the talents of our Nuns to restore or create stained glass windows.
They work on the design and creation of these stained glass windows for days, weeks, even months in their Monastic Art Workshop.
Stained glass windows have always been featured in churches, as a teaching accessible to all, using light as the symbol of life.
Just as the Virgin Mary gives birth to Jesus, the Light of the world, by remaining a virgin, the light filters through the stained glass without altering it. When the glass is colored, the symbolism deepens: the light takes on the color of the glass in the image of God who, having passed through the Virgin Mary, took on his nature or his humanity to become incarnate in Jesus.
We cannot find a more beautiful illustration of the important place that stained glass windows hold in the House of God.
The one who comes to pray allows himself or herself to be illuminated by the message that they bring to our souls.
Our religious Friars and Nuns are artists in the art of frescoes, painting of Church statues, application of gold leaf, fine hand embroidery, oil painting on canvas, and watercolor paintings.