St Francis' Hermitage

Come visit St. Francis Hermitage in this region of southwest Wisconsin, the driftless region and its very typical Kickapoo River.

In the hollow of this valley, a small church dedicated to the Merciful Christ; a French restaurant; an organic apple orchard; an organic farm and the religious Friars and Nuns of Fraternite Notre Dame who pray and work.

As you enter the property, to eat in this small French gourmet restaurant, you can feel peace.

A simple and warm welcome awaits you, in a comfortable and chic setting.
It is not a fast-food restaurant because at the Hermitage we cook French style.
The Nun cooks peel their vegetables and simmer their dishes, making their own organic bread and pastries.
Here, we learn how to eat real French dishes, we taste while enjoying our guests; we take our time.
Everything is handmade, most of the plates, using vegetables from the Hermitage garden and animal breeding.
The religious monks take care of the organic farm; maintain the buildings, take care of livestock and construction.
A quick glance into the church will show you their building talents and the stained glass windows handmade by our Nuns Master Glassmakers.
All year round, organic apple trees require meticulous care to produce delicious organic apple juice in the fall, excellent organic vinegar, a unique organic cider, not to mention organic applesauce, as succulent as can be.
Silence prevails over the Hermitage, prayer alone rises suppliant and joyful during the days; in the fields, at church, in the kitchen, in the workshops, or on the paths.
The Virgin Mary is there at the Entrance to her Domain, because She is the Mother and Queen of these places.

You all are welcome.

Do not miss out on coming to visit us this season.

May God bless you and protect you on your journey to visit us!