Customers' comments

“All pastries, desserts, sandwiches are so delicious. Environment is peaceful, warm & friendly. The bakery Mission speaks to our hearts. We love coming here.” – G. & K. B.

“Thank you! This reminds me of a piece of Europe where I lived for 5 years and miss greatly! An amazing, serene place to stop, reflect and enjoy the delicious treats.” – N. S.


“What a lovely, delicious experience. It just made my day.” – P. M.


“Wonderful baked goods. What a wonderful gift God gave you to share your blessings through food.”– M. F.

“The most amazing pastries, like eating a work of art!!!”– N. F.


“St Roger Abbey is an absolutely incredible gem for the North Side with wonderful, refreshing and delicious food & bakery items. May God bless this Abbey always. Also excellent customer service!”– M. & O. N.


“Lovely, fabulous, absolutely tasty crusts! Apple pastry amazing!” – M. J.


“I enjoy the French ambience, the food and coffee is delicious. Hope to be back.”– D. L.


“C’est magnifique!” Absolutely delicious, authentic croissants and truffles. I feel like I’m in Paris! Merci beaucoup!!”– S. C.

“Merci de votre accueil et des délices que vous fabriquez. Nous vous gardons dans nos prières et vous remercions aussi de tout ce que vous faites pour ceux qui ont moins et qui souffrent.” – K. T.


Es una maravilla: calor humano, sonrisas y dulzura!” – E. M. L. y E.


“We love coming here!!! The food is wonderful and we appreciate the hard work and love put into this place!!!”– A. J. & R.


“The only thing better than the tasty treats was the wonderful service. Thank you!”– M. K.


“Thank you for the perfect French Coffee experience!”– B. C.


“Absolutely love all the pastries at St Roger Abbey. They’re made with the best ingredients, including care and love. 100% my favorite café on the Northshore.”– M. F.


“My taste buds are smiling! Delicious!”– N. P.


“The love and dedication that you put into your divine pastries and all other delicacies is the magic ingredient that satisfies body and soul! Thank you!”– G. & D.


“The beautiful and delicious pastries reminded me of my Mom’s baking when I was growing up. Merci beaucoup.”– J. M.


“Absolutely delightful pocket of France – wonderful coffee & sweets!”– E. & R.