Baking at the Abbey with a Purpose

Volunteers at the Food Pantry in Chicago, IL
Food Pantry in Chicago, IL
Visiting the Lepers in Niger, Africa
Food Pantry in Detroit, MI
Notre Dame Academy in Scranton, PA
Food Pantry in Peoria, IL

At St Roger Abbey, the Nuns make delicious organic pastries, organic cookies, ready-to-eat meals, organic croissants and much more but all this with a specific aim in mind: helping our charitable works for the poor in the United States and in the world.

The Founder of St Roger Abbey, His Excellency Bishop Jean Marie, Servant of God and men, decided to create our organic bakery and confectionery, so that, together with his religious Friars and Nuns of Fraternite Notre Dame, he may provide for our Soup Kitchens, our Food Pantries, our programs of help for the homeless, for destitute migrant families and for our free private schools for the poor.

For years, His Excellency Bishop Jean Marie and his Religious Friars and Nuns have been hard at work to collect food to cook for the poor, prepare food boxes with a wide variety of products such as vegetables, fruits, meat, rice and pasta; along with toiletries, clothes and some pieces of furniture.

None of the Religious Friars or Nuns, including His Excellency Bishop Jean Marie, receives any salary, for a daily, tiring and trying work, but all the more rewarding through divine blessings, when we help to relieve the misery of those who suffer; they become hopeful again. The love with which our Religious Friars and Nuns work, touches many desperate people whom society rejects.

Our fields of apostolate in the most destitute neighborhoods: Austin, in Chicago, IL, Peoria, IL, Tenderloin and Mission in San Francisco, CA, Manhattan in New York City, Scranton, PA, Gays Mills, WI, Detroit, MI.

All our religious Friars and Nuns, in the footsteps of their Founder, who shows them an example of renouncement, work wholeheartedly but must have revenue which allows them to move forward in their charitable activities, to pay their bills, their mortgages and keep their vehicles running.

When you buy from St Roger Abbey, you contribute to our beautiful Work, a Great Cause, that of bringing relief to those who suffer in their heart or in their body, to serve them in the United States, in Europe, in Haiti, in Niger, Africa.

“He who helps the Apostle, shall receive an Apostle’s reward!” – says Holy Scripture.

The money from your purchase will not go to salaries which we do not receive, but it will be directly used to serve others, AIDS patients, children with no education, migrant families and drug addicts. We need your help and support.

May God return it to you in peace and joy for your families!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any information.