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Organic Mini Breton Cake Pair

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The Nuns of St Roger Abbey bake and bring to you a genuine tradition from French Brittany with its unique duo: 1 individual Strawberry Breton Cake and 1 individual Raspberry Breton Cake. With their unique buttery taste, they will literally melt in your mouth. Packaged in our St Roger Abbey gift box. Individual Size.

For a 6-serving Strawberry Breton Cake, click here

For a 6-serving Raspberry Breton Cake, click here

Why Organic?


Ingredient present in both Breton cakes: organic flour, organic salted butter, organic evaporated cane juice, organic egg, baking powder (aluminum free) organic vanilla extract. Ingredients specific to a particular Breton cake: Organic Strawberry Breton Cake: organic strawberry preserve. Organic Raspberry Breton Cake: organic raspberry preserve.

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